Vermeister Aqua Play 2 Wood Flooring Finish - Two Component

Vermeister Aqua Play 2 is a two-component (10:1) waterborne polyurethane finish, NWP-free, available in versions 10 gloss and 30 gloss. AquaPlay has been formulated entirely with aliphatic polyurethane resins based on fatty acids (renewable raw materials). AquaPlay 2 features ease of application and an excellent flow which leads to floors with an impeccable appearance. The excellent mechanical resistance (to abrasion, scratching, and scuff marks), as well as the chemical resistance, enable the product to be used in all those situations where a high quality finish is required. If it is also used as a primer, it confers a particularly warm tone to the wood. Instructions: APPLICATION Before proceeding with the application, the surface must be treated with a waterborne sealer or a two component solvent based sealer from the Vermeister range. If the latter of the two above products is used, it is important to bear in mind that species of wood subject to strong oxidation (e.g. doussiè, iroko, etc.) become very dark in colour when they are coated with solvent based sealers. For this reason, the barrier created by the polyurethane sealer must be continuous and uniform over the whole surface to prevent the formation in time of unpleasant lighter coloured patches. Consequently, it is important to take care not to “wear through” the layer of sealer when sanding. Mix component A with component B, in the quantities prescribed, stirring continuously to prevent the formation of skin or lumps. If these impurities should be noticed, it is advisable to filter the product before use. Apply AQUAPLAY 2 evenly. Usually coating is complete at this stage. If another coat is required, it can be given after 3-5 hours without sanding. If there is an interval of more than 5 hours before overcoating, sanding is necessary before applying the finish to prevent separation. Alternatively, AQUAPLAY 2 can be applied directly on the wood instead of the sealer. Use of AQUAPLAY 2 is not recommended on solvent based polyurethane moisture cure semi-gloss and matt finishes in order to avoid problems of flaking if the sanding operation is insufficient. To make the product easier to apply, it can be diluted with 5 – 10% of SOLUZIONE, after mixing the two components. If the percentage of dilution is any higher, the product could lose its power of coverage with a consequent lack of uniformity in the finish.