Vermeister Velvet Wood Floor Finish

When you require an extremely transparent natural look to bring out the raw color of the wood or when you want an ultra matte (gloss level 5), water based finish. Descriptio Vermeister "Velvet" is a extremely transparent, ultra matte, water based finish that can be applied directly to raw wood, over stain or over a sealer. It can also be used over any finish for a recoat. Velvet can be used as a single component or as a 2 component. Normally used as a single component for the first coat and as a 2 component for the final coat. 95 g/L of VOCS Can be used as a single or two component finish. When used in conjunction with Velvet Improver (purchased separately) Maximum durability can be achieved. Mixing (when used with Velvet improver) 1. Shake the 1 gallon Velvet floor finish (part A") container thoroughly for 1 minute. 2. Pour the 1 gallon into a separate mixing container 3. While stirring Add velvet improver (part "B") slowly. 4. Stir thoroughly for 1 minute. Applying 1. Apply finish at a rate of 450 - 550 sq ft per gallon. with a 3/8" nap roller, Plow or water based applicator. 2. The first coat will use more finish than the final coat 3. Depending on the temperature and humidity, after about 2 hours(when the first coat is used as single component) sand/buff with a fine grain (220) grit. It should powder up nicely. 4. Vacuum and tack 5. Apply Final Coat.